Located in the center of the Cyclades, this white-washed paradise is regarded as one of Greece’s most elegant vacation resorts and one of Europe’s hippest vacation destinations. For years, the Cycladic Island has been a magnet for the jet set and those who enjoy partying till morning.

To this day, Mykonos remains the diva of Greek summer and the ultimate getaway for discerning travelers and celebrities, including a slew of well-known actors, musicians, artists, politicians, and royal families among many others.

Despite its cosmopolitan image, though, the island is more than just a place for the rich and famous. It’s a one-stop experience for everyone, regardless of age or taste.

There is a distinct personality to Mykonos that is reflected in its barren landscapes contrasted with whitewashed houses and the endless deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Traditional villages and sandy beaches with a variety of water activities, as well as friendly and hospitable islanders and delicious food are just a few examples of Mykonos’ distinctive features.

Lover of Greek history and mythology will be captivated by the nearby island of Delos, which is home to the twin gods Apollo and Artemis, as well as, one of the most important ancient sites in Greece.

Mykonos continues to be a favorite destination among the most discerning guests because it flawlessly combines a cosmopolitan ambiance with authentic Greek island culture and the exuberant natural beauty that surrounds it.