Right in the heart of the most popular cluster of islands in the Aegean, Cyclades, Paros promises to enchant you with its beauty and elegance

Whitewashed villages and sugar-cube houses, island architecture with narrow cobblestone alleys dressed in bougainvillea and jasmine, white and blue-domed churches, awe inspiring landscapes with sandy beaches and crystalline waters, fishing harbors overlooked by tavern tables, and lively bars and cafés – this island has it all.

Paros competes with the nearby island of Mykonos in terms of hospitality, nightlife, and water-sport activities such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. The crystal clear waters, the diversity in coastline scenery, the culinary culture, as well as, the multitude of possibilities for a nice night out, may make a week break extremely rewarding indeed. Contrary to Mykonos though, where one is bound to see and be seen, the more relaxed back and hedonistic environment on Paros allows one to stay more incognito. Paros is a top choice when it comes to villa holidays since most of our handpicked homes enjoy ultimate solitude, paired with the the highest standards of comfort and easy access to all that this one-of-a-kind island has to offer.

With its cosmopolitan vibe and elegant authenticity, Paros Island’s gorgeous beaches inspire thousands of tourists each year, making it an essential destination in Greece. The nicest beaches on the island, including small, secluded coves and bustling, unorganized sand beaches, are guaranteed to capture and entice you.

Throughout the years, Golden Beach on Paros has hosted numerous international and domestic windsurfing events, giving the island a reputation as one of Europe’s most sought windsurfing hotspots. For 3 consecutive years, the PWAs World Cup was held on neighboring New Golden Beach. Paros can also serve as a base from which to explore the rest of the Aegean Sea, as it is easily accessible from many other well-known Greek islands.

If there’s a place where you can enjoy life, then Paros is the one!