Elite atmosphere

Hydra, well known throughout the world for its elite atmosphere, distinguished for the unique island character and exquisitely preserved stone architecture, blessed with a rich historical heritage, has a fascinating atmosphere that even the most demanding traveller can not resist to its seductive character.

Celebrities, including many distinguished movie stars, singers, artists and politicians, have adorned the black and white diva of the 50’s Greek cinema with its sumptuous stone captain mansions and the humbler vernacular homes arranged amphitheatrically around the picturesque harbor with the labyrinthine cobblestone alleys and the flowery courtyards.

The winding, narrow streets of Hydra wouldn’t be the same if cars were allowed. Cute donkeys, horses, carriages and water taxis transport locals and tourists around the harbor and the island.

Infused with long maritime tradition, Hydra will intrigue you with the uniqueness of its beautiful harbor lined with yachts, sailing boats and luxurious cruisers and the narrow cobblestone alleys dotted with upscale boutiques, fine restaurants and sophisticated cocktail bars, ensuring a cosmopolitan stay. Beaches in Hydra are located away from the town and are mostly pebble or rocky with beautiful crystal clear waters.

Your staying on the island could be perfectly combined with watching a play at the ancient theatre of Epidavros, sailing, or a visit to Spetses and Poros Island.

Hydra is a stylish microcosm blending magically the nobility of the past with the elite island atmosphere of the present.