A tiny secret paradise for simple living

This tiny, low-key island, which is part of the Sporades complex, is unpretentious yet authentic, blessed with gorgeous scenery that combines a verdant landscape with spectacular beaches.

This little island, crowned by the scenic Chora, is one of the few untouched by mass tourism islands in Greece and a true treasure for those who cherish the elegance of simple living.

Patiri, the island’s port and largest town, may not seem like a traditional Greek village due to its recent construction, but it is nevertheless charming, with an abundance of small tavernas, restaurants and artisan shops.

Chora remains the island’s centerpiece, having undergone a renaissance in recent years due to the meticulous renovation of the majority of traditional houses. Spectacular views, a maze of narrow alleyways connected by ancient steps, balconies brimming with greenery and blooming flowers, and brightly painted doors and shutters all exude an aura of serenity to her admirers.

Apart from its gorgeous pine forest, Alonissos is renowned for its Marine Park, which is considered the largest in Europe and is home to the world’s sweetest monk seal, Monachus Monachus.

The island is a treasure trove of natural delights, including rugged coves along its coastline, and magnificent beaches with pine trees stretching up to the coastlines, providing natural shade and adding tones of green to the  turquoise palette of the sea.

Alonissos is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Northern Aegean as the absence of tourist “noise” and the island’s simplicity give the visitor a sense of being in an original place, a minimalistic paradise that manages to be more enticing than other places

When it comes to food, it is more about a great night out in a local tavern than exceptional eating and the experience doesn’t get any more authentic than this. The local cuisine is earthy and simple – fresh fish, a simple pie, a slice of handmade bread with olive oil and tomato sauce.