Sitting atop a rocky steep slope on the Coast of Aegina Island this stunning villa uses its raised position to bring out magnanimous views on the Sardonic Gulf.

The impressive contemporary design of Galena, involves the use of glass, steel and concrete creating a space that is striking bright, calm and true to the essence of summer in Greece.

In this thoroughly modern villa various materials are pieced together so fluidly and openly that it is really hard to say what constitutes “inside” and “outside”. Floor to ceiling glass windows and walls everywhere serve to blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors while glass panels can be slid open to discard the separation completely. There’s nothing quite like the liberation of full exposure amidst nature… and this glass ceiling along the metal-wood staircase that expands towards the sky realizes this with perfection.

Sleek and modern designers’ furniture forms a minimalistic backdrop to all spaces while a few pieces of artwork add some color to match the scene outdoors

The blowing breeze at the infinity swimming pool is inspiring while the shaded lounge area seems to emphasize the relationship between inside and outside, in a meditative and quiet atmosphere.

When you’re not soaking up the sun poolside or curled up with a good novel in the terrace, take a private boat day trip to see the nearby Methana or the island of Poros. When you return back to your villa, rest assured your chef will be there to help you ease right back into pure relaxation.

Favored by a supreme architecture and its easy access from Piraeus port, villa Galena stays open most of the year making it an ideal choice not only for summer vacation but also for off-season visits…