The fulfillment of a unique villa experience

Excellence in in-house services comes to fulfill a unique villa experience for our discerning clients. So before we feature a new property on our website, we make sure the beauty of the villa is matched by the support you will receive during your stay.

Imagine yourself relaxing by the pool at a gorgeous Greek villa, a glass of wine in your hand with an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility and your meal being prepared by a gourmet chef and an attentive host while the kids are strolling the gardens under the attendance of a nanny. Even more, imagine having a professional masseur and personal trainer offering their services on the premises of your private summer heaven.

Some of our villas have private chefs or dedicated staff covering everything from light housekeeping to laying out breakfast by the pool. Some others however, cover only light housekeeping but for those guests who require a higher level of in house services we have a network of professional villa chefs, special events organizers and caterers, nannies and battlers, chauffeurs, masseurs and trainers and our pre-arrival itinerary planning service ensures you will enjoy exactly the kind of holiday you are dreaming of.

Well, imagine if there was someone at your call to take care of all those details. Now that would be the perfect holiday experience!