Discover Greece from above

Whether you are looking for a flight transfer on your holiday, business destination, sightseeing tour or an opportunity to take pictures from breathtaking locations, it is a fantastic way to explore all that Greece has to offer in style and comfort.

There are very few places in the world with as much diversity in landscapes as our country. Only a short flight in any direction will put you over majestic islands, picturesque villages, astonishing beaches, imposing mountains and verdant forests and give you access to places impossible to reach by any other mode of transport.

Hire a helicopter to save time on your island transfer directly from El. Venizelos International Airport or from any other local airport, or just have a thrilling and spectacular day with your party.

Being passionate for your luxury experience, and working with the most reliable aviation companies we will be delighted to make any arrangements on your behalf ensuring that everything will run smoothly with due diligence and untouched professionalism. With over two decades of experience in the aviation industry, our concierge service team will ensure we source the right helicopter for your trip and find the ideal craft for your helicopter tour.

No matter your needs, we’ll find the perfect flight for you!